Saturday, February 15, 2020

Celebrating 20k views

Hello everyone!

We are celebrating 20k views of our blog and like to thank all the readers (all of you) for your love, support and encouragement. I would not say that we write for you because we are not! We write what we feel, however, it makes us happy when you like it. I started this blog over blogger platform in year 2009 then I moved to Wordpress in year 2012 for better blogging environment. Again in year 2017, we decided to monetize our blog and it is free on blogger so we are here again! The transition time was tough as some of our readers left out and some join in as well. Change is inevitable and we need to move on. Isn't it?
Blog Statistics (As on February 11, 2020)
In year 2018, my new year resolution was to reach 20k views. We had only 4375 views at that time! Finally we are here, sooner or later, we reached our target. With great response from your side, we now have average 800-900 views every month, so I believe we can achieve 30k views by the end of 2020. I want our blog to reach 1000 views every day but we have time and content limitation. The advantage of online publishing is that it follows exponential growth, hence, if you publish few good articles and it gains good views, it will increase exponentially (same is applicable for research publication citations).

Although we try our best to promote our articles at various social media, your help and support is really helpful for us to increase our reach. Therefore, I request all the readers to like, comment and share our articles. I also request you to follow our blog so that you can receive all the articles directly to your email address as and when they are published at our blog.
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Thanks, keep reading, keep loving, keep supporting...

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