Saturday, February 22, 2020

Book Review: One Indian Girl
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Chetan Bhagat's attempt to explore feminism! It is a story of a girl who is successful banker from IIM but have complicated relationships. She is independent and want to have balance in life with her career as well as family life and fighting with typical Indian mentality. Reader will get chance to visit New York, Hong Kong, London, Delhi, and Goa in the story! Although the story is about faminism and also written well with lead character moving all around the world, I don't know why I find it more like a Bollywood movie script than a fiction novel. I firmly believe that Chetan Bhagat is writing books to be adopted as a movie and earn healthy royalty for it, however, I find nothing wrong in it.

The most favorite thing of the book is that first time I found that there is a character with my name. Isn't it exciting? But then I feel bad when I read these lines :( "What sort of a name is Brijesh? Can it be more unfashionable? Radhika, you are going to marry a guy called Brijesh. You will be Mrs Brijesh Gulati. That’s terrible. Okay, stop it. Stop it, Radhika. He’s come a long way. He’s a nice guy. That’s what matters, right?" and eventually he turned out to be a good guy like me. ;)
Anyways, It is a good story to read for a time pass. I believe hard-cored feminist will surely like it.

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