Sunday, September 29, 2019

Book Review: Introducing Buddha (Graphic Guides)

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Introducing Buddha is a short story about the journey of Buddha and Buddhism from India to around the world. A graphic guide series books has very good illustrations for various important concepts and events which make the book more attractive for readers. The story of the book starts from India where Buddha was born and how Buddhism spread around the world. The different path of Buddhism. Cultural adaptation of Buddhism in different countries. Here is the wisdom I extract from the book:
  •  Much learning is like a poor man counting another's treasure without a penny of his own.
  • Words are not the highest reality, nor what is expressed in words the highest reality. Why? Because the highest reality is an experience which cannot be entered into by means of statements regarding it.
  • Poetry and visual symbols come much closer to reality.
  • The mind must be in a state of wisdom to understand wisdom.
  • We have to make friends with ourselves and be kind to those aspects of ourselves we like least. Learning to be kind to ourselves brings the discovery that fundamentally we are quite soft. We become hard when we habitually deny our own woundedness and blame others for causing our pain. In admitting our own hurt, we become soft and vulnerable.
  • Tantric deities do not exist in the so called “real world”. But nor does Sherlock Holmes or Madame Bovary, even though people may feel very familiar with their characters.
  • People often use their anger at social injustice as a basis for action, but that is unwise. When you are angry you are not lucid and you can do harm.

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