Saturday, December 7, 2019

Is death penalty enough for rapists?

Recently I read many stories on social media about rape cases and people demanding death penalty to the rapist. I completely agree with the concept and we need to set such examples to avoid any such incidents in future. But the question is, who will decide whether a suspect is genuinely guilty or not? It may possible that someone frame an innocent person with rape charges and he get death punishment. After his death, we may find that he wasn't the one who did the crime but someone had framed him. Can we get his life back? Death penalty is an extreme punishment and it should be avoided. However, I am not supporting rapist in anyway. They deserve the hardest of punishment but first they need to be proved guilty.

What I personally observed over social media is that when something like these happens, majority of people start publishing the stories and status related to the incidents without verifying the source. They just keep forwarding things and believe that we have done our duty. We Indians, are the most civilized people on social media until and unless the topic of discussion is related to politics. We all try to show that we are very law abiding citizen and there has to be a punishment for everyone who does not follow me. My way is the only right way, hence, everyone have to follow me. I also written an article at the time of 'Anna movement against corruption' and I clearly mentioned that if you negotiate with traffic police when you caught breaking a simple traffic rule to avoid high (currently it's very high) penalty, you don't have any right to speak against corruption. You are also the member of the corrupt system and you need to get out of it first and then advise others to do so. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world". Even most of us had listened a story of Mahatma Gandhi advising a boy not to eat so much of sugar. If you don't remember it, you may read it from here or you may search it on Google.

You may think after reading hundreds of words that what is the relevance? Why are we discussing all this non-sense under such a title? The answer is simple. Before, blaming the system (police, rapist, politicians, rich people, etc.) we need to think about ourselves and people around us. All the people working in the system are from the system only. We haven't imported police or rapist or politicians from space (they are not aliens)! They are from our own system, one of us. Then why they are doing such things? why can't we all live with peace? To be honest many of us have friends who make comments on female friends of the group and instead of stopping them we also join them in conversation. Majority of people who talks about women empowerment on social media don't even allow women in their house to live a life according to their wish!

The conclusion is, instead of protesting on social media about such incidents, be the change. Follow the rules and inspire people around you to do the same. If everyone try to be the law abiding citizen, our country will become one of the most disciplined country in the world. Simple rule we need to follow is "Jiyo aur jine do!".

Jai Hind...

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  1. The first paragraph said it all that was in my mind. Also, the points you made about our neglegiance towards disrespect of women in front of our eyes is so true. But, at the end of the day we need to mind our own business and change whatever is possible at our end. The majority is on the wrong side and believe it or not, no one would want to take a risk of their lives in exchange for the change that is not going to take place over the night. But still, it feels good when thoughtfulness comes out from writer's mind. Good day pal.