Saturday, December 28, 2019

Book Review: The Captive
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This was my first attempt to read a book from Romantic thriller genre! It was a great experience and I would love to read more from the Author. There are many twist and turns in the story which keeps your interest intact and you can't stop yourself for reading more of it. As per title it is the story about captivity but it also has a romantic angle between the captor and captive. What? Why? How? these are some of the questions which always comes to your mind while reading the story. I highly recommend it to all who interested reading romance, suspense and thriller stories. Here are some glimpse of the story:
  • We are survivors. As long as we can, we fight. Because being alive is much better.
  • They say that when survival mode kicks in, then the logical part of the brain stops functioning, and everything points to three different options—fight, flight, or freeze.
  • I know we are supposed to love our mother because she is the first person we are connected to, and she is the one who gives us blood and nourishment and protects us while we are inside her stomach. And when we are born, even though the physical cord that joined us is severed, another more important cord is formed. An emotional cord. That’s what matters.
  • Hurting women or innocents is not being powerful, it’s just showing weakness!
  • If I’m going to be a victim of a senseless crime, I will not go down easily
  • The best way to tackle a bully is to show that his taunts and jeers isn’t working on you.

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