Friday, November 30, 2018

Will you be my co-author?

I fell in love with her,
She has a charm,
The charm which can make everyone happy,
She teaches me to believe in myself,
But time to time she lost herself.
I tried to post her a latter,
The latter of my love,
But betrayed me.
Many times I tried to type my proposal in a text,
But then my heart erased it again and again.
Time goes,
She and I live in multiple affairs.
I don't know everything about her,
But I tried to engage myself with her.
Even today I tried to say,
But again my fear stops me to type 'I Love You'
Now I think that day will never come,
when I can say,
Will you be my co-author?

- Abhijeet Mehta
Books authored by Mr. Abhijeet Mehta

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