Saturday, November 10, 2018

Request for donation to Internet Freedom Foundation

Dear reader, a very happy Diwali!

The winter months for many are a time for celebration, festivities and reflection. It's time spent with family and friends shopping, gorging on homemade delicacies and sweets. Given how firmly tethered the internet is to our lives much of our community celebration occurs online. We wish each other, gift and exchange information and opinions for a variety of purposes. Yes, even, the timely reports on the awful smog which right now is enveloping large parts of northern India.

What makes this possible is the free and open internet. A digital medium which is accessible and safe, when we need it -- not shut down on a whim, or censored by old, antiquated colonial laws. An internet where we get a real choice to browse around, explore and talk --  not a walled garden or a highway with tolls. But also, a medium which is far from perfect and needs rules to protect us from mass surveillance. In other words, a mystical genie that grants us three wishes. Freedom of speech, net neutrality and privacy.

Over the past two months, IFF has worked hard to support work in all three domains. Some of it is publicly catalogued in our updates. But we are also building out a robust backend that provides impact and positive movement, systemically and strategically. This includes hiring staff and keeping interns. In this process what has indeed been rewarding have been the offers of help by many volunteers. While we are working with some, to honestly realise and engage we plan to deploy human and technical resources in the coming months.

In my last email to you, I indicated that IFF's mission is ambitious and our success relies on your good wishes and kindness. This includes your faith in extending us financial support. We are thankful this continues as our work gathers pace. We need much more of it, and in the spirit of Diwali look forward to greater generosity.

Please do consider a donation to IFF and help us light up digital rights in India.

Thank you,
Executive Director
Internet Freedom Foundation

Please note IFF a public charitable organization registered under Sections of 12A and an 80G of the Income Tax Act. Click here for more information on our financial disclosures.

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