Saturday, October 13, 2018

I Love Her

She suffered from the biggest pain of the world to give me a birth but,
Even after suffering so much pain she was happy for my birth instead of her pain.
Sometimes she went to bed hungry but,
She always feeds me more than my need.
If I get a fever then she never leaves me alone but,
I don’t remember the last time that when her health was spoiled.
She is my MOM & I LOVE HER.
She did most fight with me but,
She loves me more than her life.
She complains about my mischief to my dad but,
She locked my all secrets in the treasury of her heart.
Our choices are similar so that she wants her share in all things but,
Often without asking she give me things I needed.
She is my SISTER & I LOVE HER.

After completing many years of my life, she came but,
She is only who understand my dreams.
In happiness, she stands with me but,
In grief, she always stands before me.
Sometimes she gets annoyed, sometimes the displeasure creates a fight between us but,
After all those fights she hugs me tight and kisses my lips.
She is my WIFE & I LOVE HER
At age, she is too small to me but,
Sometimes she gives me life-changing advice.
Sometimes I got anger due to her mistakes but,
Then I am the only one who tries to bring her smile back on her face.
I want to make her independent to fly in this world like a bird but,
At the same time, I am afraid of her safety.
They are my Life and I LOVE THEM…..
- Abhijeet Mehta
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