Saturday, October 6, 2018

I can proudly say that I am Indian and I love my country but...

Hey, I am Abhijeet Mehta, a responsible citizen of India. 
India which is the most ancient country. 
India which has the oldest cultural background. 
The India where many civilizations came and grew their civilizations. 
India which has the largest number of youth. 
India which gives the youngest and greatest leaders in the world. 
India which is the world's only country believing in all religions as equal and that's why we have more than seven religions and twenty-two different languages. 
India which has ancient universities. 
India which has the largest number of youth and they are in top positions in their work.
India which has the fastest economic growth in the world. 
India which gives the base to science and medical sector. 
That's why I can proudly say that I am Indian and I love my country.

But regret takes the position of proud when I see the facts and figures regarding poverty, corruption, civil war, social inequality, women and child harassment and so on.  
These all are very small issues but its impact is very high. 
The root of all problems is within us. We partially accept all phenomena from different cultures and merge it with ours. 
Our celebrities are busy making their fan clubs, 
Our politicians are busy expanding their political careers, 
Our business houses are busy in growing their businesses, 
Our less paid government officers are busy in earning more money resorting to corruption, 
Our youth is busy in acquiring top position, 
And to get these things done we are spoiling our society.
No one is interested in change, everyone is interested in growth. 
The 21st century is the time of collaborations but here we are repeating the same mistakes which are done by our earlier kings. They also wanted to expand their region and that's why The East India Company succeeded to rule on us for 200 years. 
But I think now it's time to speak up, now it's a time to come out of rival politics, now it's time to raise our actions against Maoist and Naxalites, now it's a time to raise the action against social inequality, now it's time to go back to our roots, our roots which are in our scriptures, 
now it's a time to make India better.
No one can guide someone but everyone can help each other. 
Forget about your positions, your self-esteem, your dignity and start working on ground level. 
"The change comes from the work, which is done at ground level." 
I am starting today; join me if you want because together we can do more.
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