Friday, September 14, 2018


Cigarette smoking is injurious to health!
Everyone knows this;
But no one is interested to stop the manufacturing;
Because by stopping it, many business houses lost their business!
Same way, war and weapon are destroying the world;
But no one is interested to stop weapon manufacturing.
Because by doing it, many superpower countries will lose their power!
Actually we the people of the world want peace;
But, with bullets and guns?

If this is your peace;
Then we don’t need it.
Please free this world from weapon manufacturing;
No more weapon;
No more war.
We are not the president of any country;
We are not hungry for power;
We are just human beings;
We want unity and peace;
We are the family, please stop dividing us to rule on us.
– Abhijeet Mehta
Books authored by Mr. Abhijeet Mehta

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