Saturday, September 22, 2018

One of the best way to contact people on Mobile phones

Mobile phones become a basic requirement of any human being specially in country like India. More than 50% of people has more than 1 connection (thanks to Jio ;) ). Two generations of Ambanis' have literally revolutionized the telecommunication industry. Dhirubhai came with an idea of 'everyone must have mobile phone' and Mukeshbhai came with an idea of 'everyone must have Internet connection on their mobile phone'.  Everyone has mobile and data connection so they start believing that "I can connect to anyone at anytime". Isn't it? That's the time when people like me sounds annoying to them.

I believe that every time it's not necessary to receive all the calls on your mobile. Mostly, people involved in academia faces this type of problem because they can't receive calls during their lectures. In a free calling era, many people call you for passing their free time, which you don't have so avoiding such people during working hours is a good practice. I also have habit (good or bad) of not responding to calls when I am working on something or having some discussion because it creates distraction in your current work. In US and other developed countries, voice mail service is available with all telecom operators so you can record your message if other person don't want to talk at that time. By this way you can convey your message to other person without disturbing him. In India, we also have such system but very few people are aware of it so it's useless to subscribe for such services (I already tried it).
We still have SMS, which is now free (again thanks to Jio). Hence, if someone is not replying to your call, you should send a reason of calling via SMS. It may possible that after reading the message that person may call you back. Don't forget to write your name at the end of SMS. I don't know this trick works with how many people but I assure that it will work with me! ;)

P.S. This article is inspired from the article titled, 'How do you manage communication channels?', written by one of my blogger friend, Pratik Akkawar.

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