Thursday, February 1, 2018

What is more important GDP(Gross Domestic Product) or GNH (Global National Happiness)?

Today in the Ravipurti (a magazine from Gujarat Samachar on Sundays) I read one article about the speech of the prime minister of Bhutan Mr. Tshering Tobgay at Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015. I found this article very interesting and search for the speech on youtube and fortunately I found the video. Mr. Prime Minister has made few points very important for the country to become a happier place to live. he said that what is the implication of GDP if the average citizen of the country doesn't find it worthy to live. so the country needs to concentrate on the overall quality of life and need to improve GNH instead of GDP.

Please be the responsible citizen of the country, don't believe in fake commitments of greedy businessmen instead save the environment of your country to save mother earth.

Here is a video of his speech on youtube. It may take some time but it's worth spending.

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