Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Review of book: "The secret of the Nagas"

Please read the review of the first book from 'Shiva Trilogy', 'The immortals of meluha', by clicking following link:

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As I written earlier in my reviews that writing style of Mr. Amish is really nice. There are many secrets have been revealed from the identity of Naga to Brahspati. 'The immortal of meluha' starts from suryavanshi country Meluha and ends at chandravanshi country swadweep same way 'the secret of the nagas' starts from swadweep and ends at Nagas country panchvati. I don't want to discuss the story here, as it may affect your interest in reading the book. it becomes very difficult to leave a book in last few chapters. they are so connected that you wish to finish them in one go. this book also leave with the few question to make you curious about reading the next book in Shiva trilogy. I like these two books and I hope last part will also not disappoint me.

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