Saturday, March 3, 2018

Facebook calendar sync on Android devices

A few days back I found that there are some issues between Facebook and Google so FB events and contacts are not getting synced on my Android device. I deleted FB account to reconfigure it but by doing so, I found myself in deep trouble as I wasn't able to add FB account to my Android device. Contacts are not much important to me but events are very important so I tried to search solution for such a problem. I found some third-party apps which can sync your FB calendar but again there might be a privacy issue when we are using the third-party app so I don't want to go for such a solution. After searching for few more time, I found one solution as adding FB events to Google calendar and then sync Google calendar on Android device to get all the events on it (thanks to

If you are facing the same problem here are the steps to follow:
  1. Click on events link on left of your FB home page. (you will find all your FB events)
  2. Right click on Birthdays link on right bottom corner of your events page and choose "copy link location". (you may do the same for "Upcoming events too).
  3. Now go to your Google calendar (
  4. Click on down arrow button situated after the text "Other calendars" on left bottom corner of your Google calendar home page. Select "Add by URL" option and you will find one dialog box asking for URL. Right-click in the URL box and paste the copied link by selecting "paste" option. Click on "Add calendar" button and you're done. (hint: your calendar link starts with 'webcal' word)
  5. So you get all your birthday events of FB on your Google calendar. Now, just sync Google calendar on your android device to get all the FB event on your Android device.

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