Friday, March 9, 2012

Good bye Dravid

Good Bye Dravid,

It was one era comes to an end. its mixed feeling of sad and happy. i am happy that dravid choose to retired on time other then some of the player are forced to be retired. he is one the players who always play for the country and never look as money or their personal records. I am sad that its very difficult to find a replacement for him in team india. " the great wall of India", we have to wait for IPL every year to see him playing. he is the only technical batsman of a kind. no one comes to his level in the sense of batting technique.
there are lot of players who are waiting to be a part of team india so dravid made place for them. now its time for other players too to think about retirement before they forcefully removed from the team or just consumed some of the good young cricketer's place because of their past records and still they are playing for their own records.

Miss you Rahul Dravid.........

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