Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna Hazare and his fight against corruption

when anna has started his fight against corruption i found that its really a necessary step for better future for india but now it looks like that they are trying to form a parallel government. now a days anna is using cheap media publicity like reality shows on TV and so on. this is not the way a leader should use to fight against government. he says that he follows the gandhi way then why he dont stop the people who started violation when he had arrested? what i feel about this lokpal is that its just another source of corruption. if we really wants to remove corruption from our country we not need any leader or any other rules we just make sure that our existing system and rules works well in order. see if police and other departments whose duty is to maintain rules and regulation in country works without any obstacle and they try their best to maintain this environment then its possible to remove corruption. but the main factor which can work well against this corruption system is we, the people, common men, if we try not to give anyone any kind of bribe in any manner then only its possible that the person who is corrupted get on right track. for example in movie "lage raho munnabhai" that old man tries to expose the corrupted officer and humiliate him if we try something like that when any govt employee ask for bribe then only we can remove this corruption. otherwise this annagiri is useless against corruption!!!!

this is just my views your views may be different and if you have any problem with this you may comment and we will start a healthy discussion for sure.

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