Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some text on indian politics

Indian politics is a high risk super rewarding business and now all the politicians became an experienced CEO of this business who provides tips to their children so that they can expand this business to higher level.
Each and every party in India are saying that they are preferring young candidates they want youth to take guard but from the figures we can find that only two candidates from all the parties are below 30 years. so these parties might have different definition of youth they might think that 40 to 70 years old are called youth in this country so that they are giving tickets to that year group peoples and request youth to vote then as they are their young candidates.
Look at foreign counties like, US, UK, France, Japan, Russia, etc. who have a young dynamic person at the top position of country who can decision who can stand tall in difficulties who can work more and harder in extreme situations. In our country if any leader had work for a 10 hours a day then they need a check up at hospitals and have to take different medicines for different pains. I just want to say that a person who cant stand with out external support then how can he support whole nation and stand tall in difficult situation.
If you find the ratio of age of all MPs from first election to this election it is going to increase. i mean no one is going to take retirement from politics until and unless people throw him or God take him. There should be a law for no of attempts in any election by single person like in US that any candidate can only stand for president election twice so that new people get chance to be a part of politics and stop corruption and family business of these politicians. I am not against the knowledge and skillful politicians who can take this country on new edge but they can help the country by being a supporter or guide for young leader and help him in different situations by his experience.

We are opposing this candidates by not giving vote but that's not the solution. We have one super power as voter as negative voting. In negative voting we need to go to voting booth and give a letter with reason that i don't want to because i don't find any of these candidate eligible for my vote so that negative vote will be counted at the time of counting and if more then 50% vote is their against any of the candidate then that will be disqualified from election and if more than 50% negative votes against all candidates then all candidates will be disqualified and re-polling will be done. I am suggesting one change in EVM that they should provide two buttons in place of one. one is green and one is red and every person can vote to multiple candidates green for positive vote and red for negative vote so if any candidate get more than 50% negative vote then it will be disqualified and will be banned from election for life time and the winner of this polling will be the person who get maximum positive vote, in the condition of tie we can consider negative votes against that tied candidates.

By these ways we can get a good leaders but it is not possible that we all know but we should atleast try it may be possible that some miracle happen and our politicians thinks about country other then their personal business.

So, Please vote......

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