Sunday, May 13, 2018

Review of Book: "Half Girlfriend"

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This book (Half Girlfriend) more looks like a movie script than a novel. It is having all the masala including some suspense to make a Bollywood movie. As I am a fan of CB (Chetan Bhagat) and read all his books, I like this one too. But, it was below expectation. The story is similar to CB's all other books having one poor boy who loves a rich girl and then they have some ups and downs. You may find plot summary on Wikipedia at, "". I think CB has given less importance to Riya (half girlfriend) over Madhav. Though the concept of gate foundation was good and the message of chasing your dreams put very well.

  • Chase your dreams and it will come true one day.
  • Earning happiness is more important than earning money.
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